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At Nutfield Mediation, we take a simple, down-to-earth, affordable approach to facilitating communication and resolving issues.  Our mediation process helps individuals, families and businesses communicate more effectively, obtain accurate information and reach agreements they may not have thought possible prior to engaging in mediation.

This is almost always accomplished at a fraction of the cost in time, money and stress, when compared with other, more adversarial approaches such as litigation. 

Our mediation process is impartial, confidential and designed to help you make informed decisions and reach settlements with which you will be satisfied not only today, but six months, a year, and five years from now.  A successful mediation not only preserves relationships, but can provide the tools necessary for effective communication on future matters.

Because it is often difficult to take time away from work, we schedule convenient appointments seven days a week and evenings at our office which is only a minute or so from Interstate Route 93.  If you would like to find out if mediation might be right for you, please contact Anthony Matrumalo by phone at 603-315-0844 or by email at nutfieldmediation@gmail.com with any questions or to schedule your free, no-obligation consultation.


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Anthony F. Matrumalo, C.F.M. Nutfield Mediation, LLC

Anthony F. Matrumalo, C.F.M.

Nutfield Mediation, LLC



Nutfield Mediation can help with virtually any conflict or communication issue involving families, including staying-married, separation, divorce, parenting, support, school, post-divorce, parent-child, estate-planning, elder care, family business, sibling, probate and more.  We have met all standards set by the State of New Hampshire for its Certified Family Mediators (Certificate #172)—the only mediators eligible to work in NH family courts.  

Serving all of New England.


Business and Civil

With thirty years of experience dealing with complex business issues and a wide range of civil matters, we are uniquely qualified to assist you with any dispute or challenge, including partnerships, negotiation strategies, business-consumer, employer-employee, co-worker, conflict-coaching, dispute resolution system design, acquisition-divestment, education, community, insurance, construction, tenant-landlord, debt and collection, neighbor disputes, and many others.  

Serving all of New England.